Of the many methods used to form, join or assemble parts, none provides wider application than magnetic metalforming. Complex, difficult and time consuming manufacturing processes can be simplified, and even parts that cannot be produced by traditional processes can be produced in a pulsed magnetic field.
    As a result, MAGNEFORM® magnetic forming systems have achieved wide acceptance as a proven production method on today's high volume assembly lines. From automotive fuel pumps to missile systems,
MAGNEFORM® consistently produces uniform parts and assemblies faster, better and at significant cost savings.
    The basic magnetic pulse principle is the same as that which activates a simple electric motor. When an electric current generates a pulsed magnetic field near a suitable metal surface, a controllable pressure is created which can reshape metals without physical contact. Allowing you to join electrically conductive metal parts to other materials in 80 microseconds. Materials such as aluminum, copper, brass and low carbon steel can be joined to other materials including metals, plastics, composites and even glass!
    MAGNEFORM® offers major advantages over traditional manufacturing processes.
  • The process is highly repeatable.
  • Split-second forming cuts production time and man-hours.
  • No physical contact with the workpiece, which means no surface contamination, heat deformation or tool marks.
  • Workpiece remains stationary during the forming process.
  • No lubricants required. Costly post assembly cleaning operations are eliminated, process is environmentally friendly.
  • Forms metals with prepainted or anodized surfaces.

    MAGNEFORM® is fully adaptable to semi-automated and fully automated assembly. Electronic control of the magnetic pressure ensures precise uniformity; thus, close tolerances and concentricity of pre-assembled parts are no longer critical factors. Uniform parts are consistently produced without the necessity for operator surveillance and adjustment. Over 500 machines are in use worldwide.
    The parts and assemblies shown in this web site are examples of typical Magneform applications.
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Mechanical Joints for Axial Loading

    In this application, a tube is magnetically swaged onto end fittings to form a joint which is greater than the strength of the parent tube in axial loading. A riveting process was used to produce this assembly prior to the introduction of MAGNEFORM® equipment (see bottom rod). Other types of axially loaded joints which may be formed magnetically are: assembly of end pieces in housing, tubes and canisters; joining metal parts to phenolic, fiberglass, and plastic components. Many of the disadvantages inherent in other joining processes are eliminated by the use of controlled magnetic pulseforming.

Mechanical Joints for Torque Loading

    This automobile drive shaft was assembled by magnetically compressing the drive tube onto a spined extension of the universal joint yoke. MAGNEFORM® is fast, generates little heat, and eliminates the danger of misalignment, imbalance and damage to the materials.

Swaged or Shrink Fit Assemblies

    The speed and economy of MAGNEFORM® is demonstrated in the assembly of this air assisted shock absorber, on which clamping rings are used to fasten the inflatable rubber sleeve. A tight fit is assured by applying uniform electro-magnetic pressure to shrink the rings.

Pressure and Vacuum Joints

    A uniform, radial magnetic pressure swages this 2.75" diameter tube into a circumferential groove in the plug. The tube is compressed on an "O"-ring for sealing and locks into a knurl on the plug to provide the torque required to install the igniter fuse.

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